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Equipment You Cannot Do Without In A Food Business

A refrigerator serves a very important role when it comes to food handling. Most people don’t know that bacteria is found in the air, water, soil, and foods we consume. Bacteria likes moisture and favorable temperatures. This causes them to grow rapidly. Huge numbers of bacteria can cause one to become severely sick.

Spoilage bacteria and pathogenic bacteria are the widely known types of bacteria found in food. Sickness that arises from food is caused by pathogenic bacteria. When your food in the fridge slowly goes bad it is because of spoilage bacteria which causes food to develop bad odors, textures and tastes. One cannot detect pathogens in food. Spoilage bacteria likes to grow at low temperatures in the refrigerator. Food left on the counter could develop bacteria but you would still think that it looks okay. There is a loss of quality that happens when food is left in the refrigerator. Depending on the type of bacteria, some will thrive at cold temperatures and multiply in the refrigerator with time and end up causing illness.

Bacteria increase rapidly in temperatures between 40 and 140 ?F. This danger zone should be avoided by using proper refrigeration temperatures. It is shocking to know that bacteria can double in 20 minutes. The right temperatures for food are 40 ?F or below. In vest in a good refrigerator because refrigeration slows the growth of bacteria. Refrigerators have features that include built-in thermometers for the measurement of their internal temperatures.

Vegetables need high humidity while fruits need low humidity conditions. Sealed drawers are suitable for fruits and vegetables. For control of humidity levels, make the right adjustments in your fridge. Meats such as poultry, beef, and seafood should be sealed in containers. Prevent juices from leaking by wrapping meat well.

With proper airconditioning your food will not go back quickly because temperatures are controlled. Air conditioning controls humidity levels which in turn affects how people function and the food in a restaurant. Good air quality encourages customers to stay in your premises longer. Prevent dehydration of food and people through use of an air conditioner. To please your customers and guests, have a cool atmosphere that they can enjoy. Do not use your air conditioner for long as it can lead one to feel tired if it is recycling the same air. Visit supply shops that have good quality air conditioners and refrigerators that can last a long time and can make you save money in the long run. The last thing a restaurant owner would like is to have equipment that breaks down on them when they are busy. Quality air conditioners and refrigerator can be found in the markets if you know where to look. You have the option of online shopping or visiting brick and mortar stores. You can know the different brands and their features by researching online.

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